Fuller Accounting is committed to the privacy of your personal data.
This privacy policy describes the information we collect from clients, and:
• What we do with it
• Who we share information with
• The information we collect and how we use it.
It is essential that the privacy of all clients, past, present and future is safe, and clients have control of the information supplied, as much as possible.
We request only the information from clients to be able to meet our obligations as accountant and tax agent acting on clients’ behalf as agreed in our letter of engagement. We request only the information potential clients’ to be able to assess if we have the qualifications, experience and resources to be able to meet the obligations requested of us as agent and tax advisor.
We request information necessary from HMRC to enable us to complete our work for clients, as appropriate 
If we hold information about you that is inaccurate, please let us know and the information will be updated.
Some of the information that you provide to us will be processed using software that complies with GDPR, stored on the software and in databases: we ensure that these are highly secure. 
The personal data is shared with the individual client, and HMRC, as required to meet our agreed obligation as agent and tax advisor.
If third parties request details of information provided and information processed, this will only be done with express authority of the client.
We have asked for your address, and email address so that we can:
• Contact you with Letters of Engagement
• Update you with information and newsletters relevant to your tax affairs
• Send communications during the course of completing our work for you.
• Send Final Accounts, Returns and invoice on completion of our work for you.
• Update with changes in Tax and other legislation relevant to you.
You can change your email address or choose not to receive further information at any time.
Who will have access to the information
Any information you give will be available to Fuller Accounting and employees to enable the work agreed in the letter of Engagement to be completed. We will never share your personal information with third parties, except with the client’s express permission.
Clients have the right of access to the personal information held at Fuller Accounting and have the right of erasure. 
Clients are assured that erasure of data and information provided is securely erased, deleted or destroyed following Statutory Obligations as a tax agent and accountant.