End of the tax year

Self Assessment 2019

The UK appears to be fast approaching Brexit, but don’t forget that 05/04/2019 is also an important date!

This is the end of the tax year.

A letter has been sent out to each self-assessment client to request all the required information, accounting records, and documentation for the accounting year ended in the tax year. As always, a handy summary of relevant details for the tax year 05/4/2020 is enclosed as well as a checklist to help you collect all the relevant information together.

It is recommended that documentation is sent to us as soon as possible, then you can sit back(relax) and let us do all the work, completing trading accounts, income and expenditure accounts, self-assessment and letting you know tax and national insurance due.

Clients are encouraged to engage with us, to minimise tax liability and to ask any queries at every stage of our work.

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